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Spring Painting

Like spring cleaning, spring painting gets me ready for a full summer Art Market season. I plan to add a few more farmers markets this year . I have finished most of my indoor chores, just one bathroom left to remodel but it may have to wait till fall.

I have started to paint more and have finished a few that I will post today. The painting of Trevor – Ausable River Split Rock Falls has already been sold to a person that is on my advance mailing list. I will be doing more of a series of pieces similar to that one.

With a Mothers day Art Market at the Strand coming up in May 8th I have a few that I am finishing up to have for that market.

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Winter Projects

The Golden Look

With the winter in full force, I have had the chance to tackle a few new projects. A little painting and a little time making a new barrister bookcase for my wife’s sewing room has kept me very busy.

Barrister Case 1
Barrister Case 1

I enjoy making furniture and while it ends up being a fair amount of time, I really like the results. This is a photo of the in process piece. I constructed each shelf is a separate section, giving me an easier time moving it around the shop. I used up a number of pieces of my lumber pile making the doors and I had the plexiglass from a “yard sale” at a local company a few years ago. Just awaiting door pulls and glass clips to finish the piece and get it out of my shop. My next furniture piece is a flat art file cabinet, like the ones used by architects for drawings and maps.

I did complete a few pieces and have made a number of new frames so I have inspiration. I am also working to finish up the floor tiling the in master bath in the month of February, so painting schedule will slow down some.

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Painting dogs

This past week I have started to paint on better and larger paper (300lb 9 x 12). It I had been a wonder to work with and I will be using this more and more. It is easy to work with and ales me to work in layers.

The sad dogs are a reflection of the day times where all art events have been canceled and in NY may not be back this year.

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Holy Cow – Still Sheltering in Place

The masked Motley Artist

The shelter in place continues…. you see me here with a make made by my wife. She is a quilter and talented fabric artist. She is making masks to donate and is now also making scrubs for the local hospital. I am proud of her and will be helping wherever I can to make supplies to donate. We only go out once a week or so to do the essential shopping. We will continue to do the shelter in place till the end of the month, or when they say it’s ok to go out. I really hope that we will have the various markets I was planning to attend.

I am doing my part to help the economy, I have had to order more paper from Dick Blick since I am doing so many paintings. below are a few of my recent ones. I have also broken out a stash of large paper for some of my new series of driftwood accent frames in large formats. I had to order new blades for my band saw, cutting driftwood for my lamps and frames, I discover a few embedded rocks and broke 3 blades in 3 days. Ordering other lamp parts as well, we are keeping the delivery guys busy.

Holy cow is right, these were done for a friend of my wife who loves cows. These won’t make it to my gallery for sale, but they were so much fun I will do more.

I have also completed a few more of my driftwood accent frames. The Bluebird on a branch and the Cedar Waxwing are hanging on the wall in the living room. I am really happy with the way the painted branch fits is an extension for the driftwood. I find that making the driftwood accent frames is an exercise in fitting and adjusting.

Digging into my bin of driftwood puts many ideas into my head, I am working on 4 new lamps and 3 more driftwood accent frames.

With nice spring weather and temps in the 50’s, the outdoors is calling, winter was not kind to the yard so yardwork is now a priority during the nice days.

Stay Safe….