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I spent some time perusing a new interest, jewelry pendants. I have been collecting unusual bits and pieces since forever, not sure where I would use any of them.

One of my collection items was from a “yard sale” from my time at Schonbek. I purchased a bulk quantity of smoke quartz drops, along with several other rock crystal pieces. I have also collected a variety of local hardwoods in a variety of sizes, much of it harvested from my own property.

I combined the Smoky Quartz with a variety of local hardwoods hand worked to fit the shape of the drops, strung on a simple cord necklace to to create a rustically elegant jewelry.

I put these few pieces in the Workbench Collective gallery and I will see how they do. I plan to sell these an a variety of other pieces at the Arts and Craft fair Nov 18th and 19th at SUNYPlattsburgh field house. I now need to figure out how to display them. I have developed a tag that describes each piece to answer the common questions.