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Busy painting – forgot to post.

The past few week i have been in the zone, painting several paintings a day. I have a huge backlog based on drawings that I have done over the past few months. I have been using ProCreate on my iPad and its changed how I set up my paintings. I can sketch on the iPad with the apple pencil. then print sketch or use Davinci to see drawing on my paper. I do color some of these drawings but don’t spend a lot of time on that part of the process. To me the key is to get the head of the subject right (Eyes and Nose/Beak). I often draw and erase multiple times in order to get the proportions just how i like it.

I have also had the chance to do some wood working. Many frames as well as a few of my special driftwood accented frames as well as a unique portal frame. Another fun project was my wood box, bark on the spine, solid ash panels and magnetic closure.

Now a few of my paintings from the past few weeks.