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Unexpected Changes

I am now a full time artist. Less than 2 weeks after I started this website I was “downsized” from Swarovski Lighting / Schonbek. I was Director of IT for 31 years, and due to cost cutting measures I am no longer with the company effective next Friday.

The downsize is not a big surprise and frankly I have had a smile on my face since it happened. I was prepared to retire early, I just got a push and a decent golden handshake. Now it’s on to my art full time.

No longer having to divide my time between my last career and my new one, I now proudly say I am an artist.

Cheers and smiling all the way home.


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Bow Lamp

My most recent endeavor is making lamps. I have a barrel of odd looking driftwood and a couple of pails of nice stones from the beach and decided to combine them. I have a large stump and root-ball on the beach with rocks caught up in the wood. I have used stones from the beach for some of my sculptures, so coming up with a way to add them to the driftwood lamp was a natural fit. So now I have a lamp with stacked stones, it’s kind of like and stuff happens and then Lamps. This is the first in a whole series of lamp, more in future blogs.

Spoiler alert, the natural edge slab-table you see will be the subject of my next post.

In the future, I plan to offer some instructional information about how I make these lamps along with materials and tools I used.

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Starting Over

Today I dumped my whole web site and started over. Adding in the e-commerce and rebuilding all my pages. It will take about a week to get it all back together again. You can visit a version of my old site at There you can see a lot of my art but not my most recent projects.

If my wife will part with them I will put them up on the gallery pages.