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Stone slab outdoor table

This was one of those ideas that came from having some bits and pieces from taking apart past projects hanging around. The rusty old wheels were on the beach for years waiting for a home. The rock slab had a former life on a driftwood base as a table but the base finally rotted out.

The nice weather has finally arrived and I am enjoying the sunshine and warmth. Working on various outdoor maintenance projects and yard work has inspired projects like this one.

They are beginning to ease the shelter in place rules in northern NY and hope that they get to the point we have art fairs this year.

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Bow Lamp

My most recent endeavor is making lamps. I have a barrel of odd looking driftwood and a couple of pails of nice stones from the beach and decided to combine them. I have a large stump and root-ball on the beach with rocks caught up in the wood. I have used stones from the beach for some of my sculptures, so coming up with a way to add them to the driftwood lamp was a natural fit. So now I have a lamp with stacked stones, it’s kind of like and stuff happens and then Lamps. This is the first in a whole series of lamp, more in future blogs.

Spoiler alert, the natural edge slab-table you see will be the subject of my next post.

In the future, I plan to offer some instructional information about how I make these lamps along with materials and tools I used.