My Story

I am an artist with no set boundaries in what I will attempt. When I get an idea, I have to try it, even if it means that I have to develop the skills before I can realize my vision. Building on skills leads to the next passion. I always see the end result in my mind’s eye before I begin. The vision will change as I work the materials and more ideas join the original as I work.

My journey has taken me through many areas of the art world. I have drifted through large scale drawings with pen and ink, made wood carvings of birds and fish. I have thrown clay sculptures and animal masks, sculpted stone carvings of wildlife, and manufactured whimsical metal birds. I have designed and built furniture from metal – stone and wood. 

My latest passion is watercolor paintings of nature and landscapes. Incorporating the lessons learned from all my other art experiences,  I have developed a unique way of framing artwork,  by incorporating driftwood I make the frame part of the art. I paint watercolors of subjects that intrigue me or what makes me happy. When working on my wildlife subjects, I will work on the eyes first to capture the sole of the subject. My landscapes are based on my experiences in nature and mainly based on actual locations.

My most recent watercolor paintings are of life in the Adirondack park combined with driftwood from the shores of Lake Champlain. It creates a unique collection of Adirondack Inspired art. The birds and animals, along with life and landscapes are my way of capturing the wonders of living in the park. My paintings are fitted with one of a kind frames that become part of that art. Each frame is hand worked to fit the spirit of the painting and then the  paintings are UV treated and varnished for protection. 

For me making art is about the joy and the serenity when it is viewed.

I am a collector of inspiration. Sometimes it is physical; stones, shells, a piece of wood, scrap metal, glass. Other times it’s a mental picture, like a view out the window, captured in photos and sketchbook doodles. The oddest things will catch my eye and then, Ooh I can make something from that. It may be a main theme or the perfect component, but I need to capture it and add it to my collection.

I try everything and don’t let the fact I’ve never done it before, or I don’t know how to do it, stop me from my next adventure in art. I greatly enjoy collecting other artists works, I appreciate the beauty vision and the skills.

You will find a wide variety of works here, and I will update as I create new works. If you like what you see here, follow my blog, and I post on Instagram and Pinterest

My belief is that art should make you happy. It makes me happy to make and enjoy my art. Personally I believe that you should only buy art that will make you happy. It should bring back a happy memory, cause you to smile at the imagery, or feel content that you own it. If you are buying art for someone else, which can be hard to do, make sure it touches you and you can share your joy in giving it.  

If you have an idea that you want to share it with me, so I can produce it on commission, please let me know. It can be fun to collaborate on artworks with other creative minds. I do have a few rules on commissions and will share them with you when you contact me.

What you will find on my website, is what I have available for sale, except for my Hall of Fame Collection. Those works my wife has claimed or are personal favorites that I have sold in the past.

You will find my blue spot signature on most of my artworks.

Today the “blue spot” is part of my signature, so my art is easily identified, and it all started by accident.

On one of my earliest watercolor paintings, I had the “happy” accident of having a drop of Ultramarine Blue drip onto a nearly finished painting. The paper was damp, so the spot blossomed on the paper. I couldn’t erase it, so it became a feature not a flaw. I signed my name under the sport, and so began the practice of adding the blue spot to my signature.

I will say that blue is my favorite color, I see blue eyes looking back at me in the mirror every morning.  Look straight up on any clear day when you visit the Adirondacks where I live, and you will see the same deep blue of the Adirondack sky.

Not all my art has the Blue Spot, my earliest works just have my signature. If you have an earlier piece of my art, I will be happy to add the Blue Spot for you.

I have a wide variety of art for sale and I’m sure you will find something that makes you smile….

Check out my blog…

I post regularly and update what I’m doing my current paintings, along with events I have attended.