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Stone slab outdoor table

This was one of those ideas that came from having some bits and pieces from taking apart past projects hanging around. The rusty old wheels were on the beach for years waiting for a home. The rock slab had a former life on a driftwood base as a table but the base finally rotted out.

The nice weather has finally arrived and I am enjoying the sunshine and warmth. Working on various outdoor maintenance projects and yard work has inspired projects like this one.

They are beginning to ease the shelter in place rules in northern NY and hope that they get to the point we have art fairs this year.

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Painting dogs

This past week I have started to paint on better and larger paper (300lb 9 x 12). It I had been a wonder to work with and I will be using this more and more. It is easy to work with and ales me to work in layers.

The sad dogs are a reflection of the day times where all art events have been canceled and in NY may not be back this year.

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Bits and Pieces

Once again whimsy strikes when least expected.

First piece – I found a small pine knot hole in the bottom of my driftwood bin. When i picked it up i could see my palm highlighted thought the hole. A scrap of Arches watercolor board a couple of minutes painting 4 geese with my finest brush and the result is a odd little piece that brings a smile to my face.

The second piece came from an off-cut of watercolor board from one of my driftwood paintings. I picked it up and it looked just like mount Mansfield in the Green mountains of Vermont that I see every day across the lake. Once I saw it, I couldn’t let it go to waste so I painted it, grabbed a scrap of black walnut wood that I cut out for my rock crystal lamps, shaped and finished it to serve as a stand and now I have another odd piece in my stash.

Undecided if I will to post these in the gallery.

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Slim-Line Desk Lamp

I had some time in my shop and picked up a thin piece of cedar that was an offcut from making picture frames. I thought about how cool it would look as a super thin desk lamp. I had a piece of quartz crystal to use as a counter weight, a brass tube, a short strip of 12v LED lights, a small block of cherry from the scrap bin, a few pieces of connections materials, and voila the Slim-Line Lamp.

This is what happens when I get distracted and have a few pieces of scrap in hand.

The lamp looks cool, works very well over my desk, and its fragile making shiiing a big problem, so it won’t be making the gallery of items. It may make the trip to an in person show, if I ever get to addend one.

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Painting in the sun room

Sunroom Painting Session

This past weekend I finally had a chance to paint in the sun room. First time this year that the temperatures reached higher than 60 degrees. It was a pleasure to enjoy the bright light and do a few paintings of dogs.

I wanted to painting standing up rather than seated, so I had to modify my setup. I used tripod to mount a palette including holders for my brushes as well as my paints and water. I used a second tripod with a Grifity Nootle, a board and binder clips to hold my paper. Below is a few pics of my setup.

I started a few paintings and enjoyed a beautiful morning before heading out to do some yard work.