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Painting dogs

This past week I have started to paint on better and larger paper (300lb 9 x 12). It I had been a wonder to work with and I will be using this more and more. It is easy to work with and ales me to work in layers.

The sad dogs are a reflection of the day times where all art events have been canceled and in NY may not be back this year.

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Organization and Creation


I find that when I am unsure what to tackle next, I clean up the shop. The act of cleaning and organizing seems to reset my creative process. This week I discover that needed to take time to organize my online workshop. I realized that I was showing items on my website that I have already sold. I had a collector come to my home to pick out a few paintings for a baby shower gift. It was nice to get the positive feedback and she had been to my website and ask if I had any more available. I was able to load all my current paintings and I still have to photograph and add more of my sculptures and furniture to the site.

Check out my gallery for all my current paintings.


I have painted several paintings of our dog Niko, and on request completed paintings of Hazel and Fuji for family. I will do pet paintings on commission, with a good photo.

This past week I start painting dogs and cats. Several of them were memories of my youth. I love being a full time artist, I have the time to try more new things.