Art Without Boundaries

Mathew the Owl
Mathew the Owl


I paint in watercolors and sketch in pen and ink. I paint subjects that intrigue me or what makes me happy. My subjects can vary greatly and I will work on the eyes first to capture the sole of the subject. I often make a series along a theme and some of paintings go together.

Penguin Trio


My sculptures are an expression of my love of nature and a bit of whimsy. I don’t get bogged down with choosing the material, rather when I pick it up the result is right there in front of me, I just have to finish it.

Rock crystal lamp


This covers a wide range of subjects. For me if it is semi-functional it’s furniture. All of my tables and lamps are found here. It all hinges on what materials captures my attention what I will make next .

Ron Rodgers

I am an artist and I have no set boundaries in what I will attempt. I will get an idea and have to try it, even if it means that i have to develop the skills before I can realize my vision. Building on skills leads to the next passion. I always see the end result in my minds eye before I begin, and the vision will change as I work the materials and more ideas join the original as I work.

My journey has taken my through many areas of the art world. I have drifted through large scale drawings with pen and ink, made wood carvings of birds and fish, thrown clay sculptures and masks, sculpted stone carvings of wildlife, manufactured whimsical metal birds, designed and built furniture from metal – stone and wood, and made watercolor paintings of nature and landscapes.

All of my works are one of a kind, and make multiple variations when I work through my latest passion.

Art is meant to bring a feeling or reaction in people. For me making art is about joy and the smile when it is looked ar or used. Art is to be shared and enjoyed.

Next Steps…

Check out my gallery of available art or look through my portfolio to see sold / reserved works, Peruse my blog for stories about my current focus and passion. check out the contact section for more information or possible commissions.