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Winter Projects

The Golden Look

With the winter in full force, I have had the chance to tackle a few new projects. A little painting and a little time making a new barrister bookcase for my wife’s sewing room has kept me very busy.

Barrister Case 1
Barrister Case 1

I enjoy making furniture and while it ends up being a fair amount of time, I really like the results. This is a photo of the in process piece. I constructed each shelf is a separate section, giving me an easier time moving it around the shop. I used up a number of pieces of my lumber pile making the doors and I had the plexiglass from a “yard sale” at a local company a few years ago. Just awaiting door pulls and glass clips to finish the piece and get it out of my shop. My next furniture piece is a flat art file cabinet, like the ones used by architects for drawings and maps.

I did complete a few pieces and have made a number of new frames so I have inspiration. I am also working to finish up the floor tiling the in master bath in the month of February, so painting schedule will slow down some.