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The challenge of outdoor markets

I have started to display my work at a couple of local farmers markets, with some minor success. Maybe a dozen vendors if we are lucky and as few as 50 people during the day. But it’s good to get out and work through setting up and displaying my art. I will have to make a list of booth fixtures I must bring. Today I forgot all my display racks and had to get my wife to bring them. Lucky it was not to far and she is a good sport.

The bigger challenge is one it the villages has become a “hot spot” and I believe that market will close. None the less I and learning and making connections with other crafters. It’s a real community, with interesting people

I also completed a few paintings this pas week and have added them to this post. Sold my kingfishers at the last market so wanted to do more.

I will be showing at the Strand-Ed art show on 9/26 10/3 and 10/10. It is a series of outdoor markets just for art. I will have to use my pop-up tent. Glad I have one, and I am working on display details.