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Pet Portraits by Request

I did a few pet portraits for some friends and toon a commission to complete one by a customer ate a farmers market.

The first portrait was of Abby, a springer spaniel. We walk our dog Nico, along with Abby and a few other neighbors each evening. Abby is such a gentle dog. It took be 4 tries to get the true essence of Abby on paper. Learning that painting pet portraits isn’t easy. The big challenge for me is the eyes.

The other pet portrait is of a fellow artists “Shop cat” a Main coon cat that sits in his shop and watches him all day.

The final interesting part of the process if when a customer loved my dog paintings and asked if I had a painting of a Boston Terrier mix with one eye. I laughed and said not yet. he said he wanted done and he has his dog with him. He paid me for a small sized painting and we went over to his dog Buddy and too a number of pictures. Once I finish the piece I will send it to him in Texas.