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Eastern Tiger Swallow Tail

I have been sidelined after having surgery on my right shoulder on September 5th. Yes that is my painting arm, so I am no longer painting or drawing every day. This breaking a streak of almost 6 years of daily making art. I have been told it will be 4-6 weeks in a sling so that will stop my painting and participation in the farmers markets. My next scheduled market is October 8-9 at Gore mountain.

The summer season at the farmers markets has been both a challenge and fun on many levers. Almost every weekend had at least one day of rain. Despite the weather issues I have excellent sales. I have sold a significant number of paintings, both my large driftwood famines pieces as well as my 5”x9” and 7”x9” framed studies.

I will say, editing my web site and blog with my left hand if a challenge but it needs to be done. I will post a lot of my past artwork photos and update the blog.