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Life Disconnected

The past couple of weeks have been a challenge all because I have been disconnected from the internet involuntarily. Something has happened to the cell signal at my home and internet has not worked on my phone almost all the time. I have no other connections so the challenge is managing around it. Having not gone to town for the past 2 weeks has limited my ability to post.

I haven’t waisted my time being frustrated rather I have enjoyed my self fishing, as you can see by the picture of one of the lake trout I caught. No art was made for posting but I feel a series of fish paintings coming on.

Looking forward to the fall when they a supposedly putting cable on our road.

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Fishing Inspiration

I saw a guy fly fishing in the Ausable river near carpenter flats when it was misty. Having fished there many times I wanted to capture that feeling.

I made a driftwood frame to accent the finished painting and It helps to capture the mood.

I feel a series common on, and I will get to do more fishing while scouting locations. I haven’t painted fast flowing rivers much yet, so I see many challenges ahead.