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Art Below Zero


The first winter Art Market at the Strand Center for the Arts, was a held on February 13th, during one of the coldest day of the year. It was -6(f) at the start of the day and the temperature rose to 10(f) by the time the market closed . It was so cold that as I assembled my display stand the Zip Ties broke every time I used them. I was able to bend the Zip Tie in my hand and they would just snap. I had to use bent paper clips to hold the display together.

I decided to adjust my normal market display to keep it as simple as possible. Didn’t use my EZ-Up because I didn’t want shade to keep things cold. I used 6′ wire closet shelves in a triangle formation to work as display stands, prewired the paintings to be easy to hang, and added a weight to the bottom. That worked surprisingly well, my customers were able to walk around and see paintings on each side, I will use it again. Add in a table with my cards and I was set to go in about 30 min.

The best sellers were cards and I sold 4 paintings of various sizes. From this experience will have to start offering cards on my web site.

I recorded the display on YouTube