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Kicking Back Just to Create

The past 8 weeks I have taken the time to just stay in my studio and create new pieces. It has been a time of experimentation and play, not much of which will make it to market but it has been fun. Painting, sculptures and furniture were just a few areas of experimentation.

I purchased a new iPad after I broke my last one, and since it is much better I also purchased the app Procreate. I now use this iPad to do the photography for my web site. These are a few owls that I did with the new Procreate software. Not sure how I will incorporate digital art but it will become another tool and it was a great learning experience. Maybe I will dabble in NFT art. 😉

Some business did happen, I did one event at Livings Goods for a Valentines day market, and I have placed paintings and a couple of my lamps at a new retail shop, Artists Workbench in Plattsburgh. I have completed about 30 small paintings and once I have framed and photographed them I will post on the site.

I am playing with a new layout for the web site and it has been frustrating not getting the look I like but I don’t want to write a whole site from scratch. I’ll see how things go…

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Back On-Line

It has been some time since I have been able to post, I finally have high speed internet at my home studio. Prior to this I have been limited by speed internet in my ability to add to my blog posts. Up loading photos has failed multiple times prior to the new internet, so adding blog posts made no sense.


I have a completed several commissioned paintings in the past two months for people that I have meet at the few markets. I have painted several pets and a couple of landscapes as Christmas presents. Happily I was able to complete all well ahead of my delivery dates. I always worry that I can meet the needs of my customers. Velda , Remmy and Buddy were a few of the pet portrait commissions.

I have been busy with many projects including making more than a dozen driftwood accented frames.

I have completed a couple of Heron paintings. The same subject in small and large sizes. Challenging myself to paint larger is a goal for 2021.

Heron in Wind – large 18×12

A few Herons to round out the post.

Will be posting weekly now I can connect to the world!