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Farmers Markets Return

This past week I participated in 3 Farmers Markets and another Strand Art Market. Four events in four days, and each one very different. It started with a new market for me, Lake Placid. The main road through town is all under construction and it’s a little congested, it was a decent market for me. I sold a lot of cards and have found that the layout makes a difference. Putting the cards at the front of my booth they get seen and purchased. At the Willsboro and E-Town Market they were back at the table and didn’t sell as well.

I was also at the Strand on Saturday and that was the best market so far. I sold several of the driftwood pieces and my smaller studies as well as sold most of my cards. It will be a busy week to make a few more paintings and printing more cards.

I finished two new cardinal paintings early last week and put them up in the market, both sold quickly. Cardinals are one of my most popular birds. I also sold a Humming bird painting that I added it last minute after fixing the frame. I had one the paintings blow off the grid racks and break the branch off the frame.