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Barrister Bookcase Storage

Barrister Fabric case

I finished the Barrister bookcase I mentioned in my last post. It now sits in my wife’s sewing room so she can see the fabric she can choose from to make quilts. She makes wonderful quilts, and color selection and pattern are amazing. I will have to do a post on her work in the future.

The bookcase is 48″ wide with 5 sections all 16″ tall, with flip up doors with plexiglass front panels. The bookcase had a minor issue with the slides on the bottom drawer failing right after I did the final setup. The drawer slides were ones that I had as extras from another job, they were ok but not anywhere near the quality needed. The drawer with a 4 foot drawer length and only 12 inches deep the slides would rack and bind, the long length and small glide depth were the main issue. I ended up with a pair of the new Blum slides that work great. It did require remaking the whole box to get it right, but they work so well they are worth the price. I hate to have less than my best work leave my shop.

Foxy Lady

While working on house projects I carve out time to paint. I try to at least spend time every Sunday at my painting desk even when I have other projects waiting. I turn on the TV to Hockey, Football or Golf so it plays in the background, with a background noise I can tune out everything else and paint away.

Nuthatch Study

Painting a series of nuthatches on a single page is my way of pulling together images for a final painting in the future, fun to do and works on keeping a limited pallet so i work on color mixing.