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2024 Looking Forward

In 2024 I plan to build on the experiences of the past year, attending Farmers Markets and Arts and Craft fairs. I plan to spread out the events a little more, varying the venues and locations. I was committed to every Saturday and Sunday last year but will work at opening up options, not being slaved to specific venues.

Having done the winter market in Saranac Lake hotel, I have developed a small footprint option. That will open up doing small events when the weather is bad.

A goal is to publish images of my painting weekly on instagram as well as on my Pinterest page. The goal is to let more people who follow me see what I’m working on.

I am working on refilling my inventory of small paintings. I have realized that if I am going to more of the high end events I will need them.

I am working on building a new collections of note cards, retiring many of my older cards. I will reduce the number of cards I display to be displayed so only one card per slot rather than doubling up. Reducing the number of sets to cap the offering at 12. I would like to replace about 75% of the cards in 2024.

I need to rebuild my collection of driftwood enhanced and large format frames and paintings, focusing on some of the more popular subjects.

My goal for 2024 is to show some of my sculptures along with lamps and tables. Work was started on building a garage in the spring so I can crank up me welder to do me Stone Bud wall sculpture and my willow and stone tables. series.

I also am working on a developing a series of pine knot mini paintings. That will mean more beach-combing looking for the right pieces.

I am also looking at developing a series of matted prints, It was a recommendation from another artist, and he pointed me to Jerry’s Artorama for supplies.

More to come……