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Back On-Line

It has been some time since I have been able to post, I finally have high speed internet at my home studio. Prior to this I have been limited by speed internet in my ability to add to my blog posts. Up loading photos has failed multiple times prior to the new internet, so adding blog posts made no sense.


I have a completed several commissioned paintings in the past two months for people that I have meet at the few markets. I have painted several pets and a couple of landscapes as Christmas presents. Happily I was able to complete all well ahead of my delivery dates. I always worry that I can meet the needs of my customers. Velda , Remmy and Buddy were a few of the pet portrait commissions.

I have been busy with many projects including making more than a dozen driftwood accented frames.

I have completed a couple of Heron paintings. The same subject in small and large sizes. Challenging myself to paint larger is a goal for 2021.

Heron in Wind – large 18×12

A few Herons to round out the post.

Will be posting weekly now I can connect to the world!

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A Fall of Fun


This fall has been great. Great weather and a chance to see the wildlife around my home. A fox has been around and was trotting across the lawns while we were on a walk. We were surprised by an owl flying just over our heads and into the woods. At the marsh down the road I saw a raccoon in the long grass scampering away and the herons have been close to the parking area making the car a perfect blind.

All this nature has been an inspiration for many of my paintings.

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Pet Portraits by Request

I did a few pet portraits for some friends and toon a commission to complete one by a customer ate a farmers market.

The first portrait was of Abby, a springer spaniel. We walk our dog Nico, along with Abby and a few other neighbors each evening. Abby is such a gentle dog. It took be 4 tries to get the true essence of Abby on paper. Learning that painting pet portraits isn’t easy. The big challenge for me is the eyes.

The other pet portrait is of a fellow artists “Shop cat” a Main coon cat that sits in his shop and watches him all day.

The final interesting part of the process if when a customer loved my dog paintings and asked if I had a painting of a Boston Terrier mix with one eye. I laughed and said not yet. he said he wanted done and he has his dog with him. He paid me for a small sized painting and we went over to his dog Buddy and too a number of pictures. Once I finish the piece I will send it to him in Texas.

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The challenge of outdoor markets

I have started to display my work at a couple of local farmers markets, with some minor success. Maybe a dozen vendors if we are lucky and as few as 50 people during the day. But it’s good to get out and work through setting up and displaying my art. I will have to make a list of booth fixtures I must bring. Today I forgot all my display racks and had to get my wife to bring them. Lucky it was not to far and she is a good sport.

The bigger challenge is one it the villages has become a “hot spot” and I believe that market will close. None the less I and learning and making connections with other crafters. It’s a real community, with interesting people

I also completed a few paintings this pas week and have added them to this post. Sold my kingfishers at the last market so wanted to do more.

I will be showing at the Strand-Ed art show on 9/26 10/3 and 10/10. It is a series of outdoor markets just for art. I will have to use my pop-up tent. Glad I have one, and I am working on display details.

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Farmers Markets

Today I finally had the chance to participate in a small farmers market in the village of Willsboro. It’s a Thursday market and very slow but it’s a chance to get out and show my art.

It’s nice to be out and talk to fellow artists. John, a woodworker was my neighbor and we had a good visit. I look forward to tomorrow where I am setting up in Elizabethtown next to my friend Ken Gadway.

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Summer Shift

With summer in the Adirondacks it’s time to do all the outdoor things that love so much. Fishing, swimming, sailing on lake Champlain on my Hobie, reading, napping in the hammock and sitting on the deck sketching.

I have done little painting but spending time working on my sketchbook generating ideas for the time I get back in the studio.

I participate in a plein-air (outdoor painting) group painting on Sunday afternoons. But summer storms have gotten in the way for the last few weeks. Plein-air is new to me and a great learning experience. Never happy with the results but seeing progress.

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Life Disconnected

The past couple of weeks have been a challenge all because I have been disconnected from the internet involuntarily. Something has happened to the cell signal at my home and internet has not worked on my phone almost all the time. I have no other connections so the challenge is managing around it. Having not gone to town for the past 2 weeks has limited my ability to post.

I haven’t waisted my time being frustrated rather I have enjoyed my self fishing, as you can see by the picture of one of the lake trout I caught. No art was made for posting but I feel a series of fish paintings coming on.

Looking forward to the fall when they a supposedly putting cable on our road.

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Fishing the Ausable

After the past month of making art every day I was inspired to paint painting scenes from Carpenter Flats on the Ausable River.

I saw people fishing early one morning and the mist was intriguing seeing it from the iron bridge. It provides a great view is the rock flats. Different ends of the bridge provide unique backgrounds.

The driftwood frames really make the rustic feel for the paintings.

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Fishing Inspiration

I saw a guy fly fishing in the Ausable river near carpenter flats when it was misty. Having fished there many times I wanted to capture that feeling.

I made a driftwood frame to accent the finished painting and It helps to capture the mood.

I feel a series common on, and I will get to do more fishing while scouting locations. I haven’t painted fast flowing rivers much yet, so I see many challenges ahead.

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Every day in May -done

This month I challenged my self to create Something every day in May. Many of my creations were paintings but a few were furniture. It’s easier to finish a painting in a day. I enjoyed the challenge but the need to post something on Instagram limited me a little. While I may do anther challenge it will be a while

I have been on a dog kick but feel that one coming to an end. I will do more but will see what inspires me. Maybe it’s more cats.